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Our core business is chiptuning and electronic performace.

House Tuning deals with the design of highest level additional units  and remapping engine control units (ecu).

Electronic tuning and the reprogramming of the ecu leads to an increase in power and torque and lower fuel consumption.


ECU reprogramming, our profession!

If engine is the heart of the car, ecu is its brain. It controls the motor and acts on some basic parameters such as the injection of fuel into the cylinders, the outbreak of the spark in the combustion chamber and more generally in all electronic systems that are present in a modern vehicle. The ECU receives signals from all sensors and reprocesses them by adjusting according to the results the amount of fuel injected by the injector in the cylinder or the opening of the combustion chamber, factors that go to affect the amount of fuel consumed, the motor torque output, power and more generally on the performance of the alley. It's easy to understand that the ecu remapping is an operation in which the parameters of the controller are first deleted and then re-programmed according to the needs and wishes of the owner: changing it is going to act on those parameters that have been written on modifying substance in the performance of the car. Being a very delicate operation should only be done by experts.


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